September 21, 2007 Join a worldwide movement to create a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence. On September 21, 2006 more than 3500 Peace Day events took place in 200 countries (including all 192 member nations of the United Nations) for a culture of peace. This year URI hopes that you will join us to make the International Day of Peace have an even larger impact.

URI has made a substantial contribution to the global presence of IDP since 2000, and over the last few years has posted the diverse events put on by our CCs on our website. This year we will expand our leadership participation both in our own URI network and through support and collaboration with others.

On June 20, 2006, The Global Council Trustees, on behalf of the members of the UNITED RELIGIONS INITIATIVE throughout the world, issued a Peace Proclamation, joining with the United Nations in proclaiming September 21 as The International Day of Peace. We urge all our members to encourage all citizens of this world to work together to create peace, justice and healing for the Earth and for all living beings.

International Day of Peace 2017 in Pakistan

A global ceasefire is not just negotiated by governments. It is built by each person when nonviolence is chosen to solve a confrontation. Use IDP to choose and teach nonviolence.

We encourage all CCs to participate in some way in honoring the International Day of Peace. We hope everyone will observe the Minute of Silence at 12 noon (especially in schools, and at your Peace Pole if you have one nearby) and encourage activities promoting nonviolence in your region in support of the ceasefire.