URI’s youth work is geared towards young people ages 13 to 35. Connecting this work is a set of shared core values. These values are put into action though Youth CC Activity and brought together for shared learning in our Global Youth CC. Through our collaboration with other organizations and efforts we enhance the viability and visibility of youth interfaith efforts.


Interfaith Dialogue and Exchange

  • We seek to build understanding and trust among youth of diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions.
  • We encourage learning about each others’ diverse perspectives and practices.
  • We utilize group processes for engaging diversity and for working inclusively and effectively with differences.


  • We work to bridge an active connection between youth participants and the greater community.
  • We encourage youth participants to engage in meaningful service in their community.
  • We encourage young people to reflect on the experience of doing service together from the perspectives of their diverse faith traditions and cultural backgrounds.


  • We strive to inspire and connect new generations of conscious, committed leaders.
  • We work to provide training and leadership opportunities for young people.
  • We encourage young people to share their learnings and leadership skills with others, learning the value of reciprocity and responsibility.

Deepening Roots

  • We inspire and encourage young people to reach out to their own communities and to inquire deeper into the nature of their own faith.
  • We encourage young people to explore and rediscover their cultural traditions and to deepen roots in their community and tradition.
  • We provide opportunities to celebrate and support the transformation from child to young adult.