URI Pakistan Women Wing and WAKE CC organized Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen celebration with different religious communities on May 21, 2018 at Bashart –E – Ibn Maryam School at Youhanabad Lahore. Mr. Francis Xavier URI Cooperation Circle Coordinator Women and Children Development Program offer his venue for this celebration to URI Pakistan women Wing with the collaboration of URI Lahore MCC, COPE Pakistan CC, TTI CC, Paras Welfare Foundation CC, WAKE CC, Bright Future CC, Women and Children Program CC. 26 Muslim and Christian male, female and children were present there. They shared their views about tolerance, peace, interfaith harmony, Prayer for world peace, Women Empowerment and equal rights for women.

Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary URI Welcomed all the guests who came from different religions and areas mostly were women and girls. After the Interfaith prayers Ms.Amber Khan Youth Coordinator of URI Cooperation Circle of TTI invited Sr.Sabina Rifat Coordinator Women Wing URI Pakistan.She gave a short introduction about the celebration of Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen. She said that we are promoter of Peace and Interfaith harmony among the different religions in Pakistan and today we are celebrating Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen at Youhanabad, Lahore in solidarity with Fuji sanctuary in Japan. Youhanabad is a very poor and undeveloped area in Lahore, Pakistan and it is the largest majority Christian area in the city. It was reported by DAWN in 2015 that the area was home to at least 100,000 Christian. Mostly Christians belong from poor and marginalizes families. In Youhanabad two churches were attacked on 15 March, 2015 during Sunday mass by two suicide bombers. At least 15 people were killed and 78 injured. So today we are here from different religions because we have strong believe in our interfaith prayers that “We shall overcome through our love and kindness upon those who believe in evil and inhuman acts” as at Biyoko Shinko 10000 People from all over the world are praying together for the world peace during symphony of peace prayer. Now as the Ramadan is going on with the blessings of Lord we decided with our URI Cooperation Circles Coordinators that the program of Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen should be organized in Youhanabad. People of Youhanabad have faced a big pain, sorrow and hatred in the name of Religion. Today we are together from different religions Muslim, Christians so with our interfaith prayers Youhanabad will be the source of Peace, Love, Tolerance and Interfaith harmony. Today we pray for the people of all religions and countries. With this Sr.Sabina Rifat Said that Symphony of Peace Prayers, 2018 taking place at Fuji Sanctuary Japan and around the World on May 20, 2018. Through global celebration of humanity’s oneness within its beautiful diversity a worldwide call for peace and harmony among all peoples and faiths. In 2018, the Symphony of Peace Prayers continues its mission to unite all humanity to its common wish for peace, a mission that was strengthened in 2015 with the launch of the Fuji Declaration, a groundbreaking initiative calling on all human beings to revive the divine spark that resides within each and every one of us. Through the SOPP and the Fuji Declaration, humanity’s divine spark is being ignited within more and more people, in more and more places throughout the World. You can join with thousands of others in sending out prayers for the peace and happiness of humanity!

Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary URI Pakistan shared the message of Ms.Massami Saionji the chairperson that “I am deeply honored to offer my heartfelt congratulations to Fr.James Channan OP, Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad and Sr.Sabina Rifat on the celebration of Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen. At this critical moment in history, the earth is faced with widespread devastation, and many people are living in turmoil and distress. However, thanks to the power of our combined peace prayers, a powerful wave of harmony is coursing through the earth. Here in Japan, all the regular SOPP participants know very well about the precious work that you are doing. Each one of us is constantly supporting you in our prayers, just as you are supporting us. The creative power of our combined prayers is permeating the earth and constructing a framework for world peace. Thanks to your ceaseless prayers, Pakistan is a major stronghold in the earth’s progress toward harmony among all people and all living things.

This year, we can expect to see more changes occurring throughout the world. Amidst these changes, it is essential for us to keep turning our eyes to what is sacred and good, while banishing all feelings of judgment or blame. This impulse for peace—this voice that calls for love and forgiveness—is the voice of our innate divine spark. For a very long time, we human beings have been confining ourselves in prisons of darkness, prisons built by ignorance, divisiveness, and greed. Yet the walls of these prisons will instantly vanish when pierced by the light of our prayers for world peace. The impossible is becoming possible thanks to your earnest prayers for world peace. “

Ms.Saima Shahbaz active CC member of TTI presented Peace Award 2018 to Sr. Sabina Rifat Coordinator of Women Wing URI Pakistan for her admirable work which she is doing for establishing peace and the women empowerment especially for those who belong to slum and brick kiln areas. She along with her women group and women Initiative is working to give skill training to those women and girls who are working at brick kiln with their family’s members.
Ms.Shamim teacher of sewing center from Sharqpur Sharif said that we are very thankful to Sr.Sabina Rifat Coordinator of URI Women Wing. Through this initiative now we are together as Christian and Muslim and we are awaking about women rights and promoting interfaith harmony in the area of Sharqpur for the first time here.

Mr. Francis Xavier Coordinator of Women and Children Development Program CC and member of Lahore MCC presented Peace Award 2018 to Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary URI Pakistan on his marvelous work in order to active and build strong relationships among URI CC in Pakistan. He also appreciated to Sr.Sabina Rifat and Mr. Asher Nazir for this great and well organized program of Symphony of Peace Prayers and Soul of WoMen. He said that as a CC Coordinator I am working with Sr.Sabina Rifat for Women Empowerment at grassroots level.

Ms.Thamina Rana a renowned Journalist Nawaiwaqat Lahore, Pakistan and a great peace and interfaith promoter. She congratulated to Fr.James Channan OP, Sr.Sabina Rifat and Mr. Asher Nazir for this noble work which they are working with the communities of different religions in Pakistan for the promotion of Peace and Interfaith harmony. She said today I feel very happy that I am invited in the program of Symphony of Peace Prayers and soul of WoMen. As woman I feel proud that we are part of URI Pakistan and promoting the message of Soul of WoMen as women we have equal rights in the society and we should raise our voice when we see any injustice with women.
So Men and Women are equal and have an equal spirituality.


Mr. Khalid Anjum peace activist and Cooperation Circle member of Women and Children Development Program said that I belong to Muslim family and we are working as Cooperation Circle member with URI Pakistan for Peace and Interfaith harmony among different religions. I am happy that today Christian and Muslim are praying for all the people of different religions. This is a very powerful sign in Ramadan that Iftar Dinner is arranged by Christian friends for Muslim brothers and sisters. We should be a light for each other, a hope for the hopeless.

In the last of the celebration all guests prayed together for the entire World and all the people of different religions. Sr.Sabina Rifat said that I feel tremendously proud of each one of you and I respect you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I feel equally proud of each CC Coordinators, members, and I am obliged to Mr.Shahbaz Khan, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Xavier, Ms.Amber Khan, Ms.Thamina Rana, Ms.Seemi, Mr.Aslam Zahid, Pastor Waheed Mukhtar, Ms.Saima Shahbaz, Mr. Khalid Anjum, Mr.Younis and Mr. Asher Nazir.
May Peace Prevail on Earth

Report prepared by:
Asher Nazir
Executive Secretary
URI Pakistan