Fr James Channan OP URI Regional Coordinator Pakistan

I feel extremely happy to write these few lines for launching of the official website of URI Pakistan Region. It was our long time dream to launch this website which is being fulfilled now. This website will be providing basic and important information about the URI work in various areas of life and people to promote interfaith harmony and peace in Pakistan region and some other parts of the world as well. This way we will introduced to the world and I am sure our efforts will contribute towards this noble task and mission of bringing harmony, understanding and good will among the people of various religions, civilizations and cultures.

Interfaith harmony and peace are urgent needs of our times and these must be promoted at every part of the world. The survival of the world in this peaceful coexistence and collaboration. As we see that there are some forces which are determined to create disunity and misunderstanding and thus destroy the world peace. It is a challenge for us all. This challenge is very much felt by the United Nations and by the religious leaders of various religions including Pope Benedict XVI and Grand Imam of Ka’ba.

Fr James Channan OP Regional Coordinator URI Pakistan

Fr. James Channan OP Regional Coordinator URI Pakistan

The political leaders have also emphasized to bring good will and positive understanding among believers of various religions. I am sure our website will serve the purpose of promoting interfaith harmony and peace among religions and cultures. We are against the clash of religions and civilizations. Let people of all religions and cultures coexist and live peacefully. URI is very affectively working in 108 countries and is playing an important role in promoting harmony and peace. And it is bringing a positive change in creating harmony and peace.

I express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to Bishop William Swing, President of the URI, Rev. Victor H. Kazanjian jr Executive Director, URI and Ms. Maria Crespo Director of Cooperation Circle Support for their great leadership and inspiration in promoting interfaith harmony in the world and also for their support and encouragement for our website. I am sure with the guidance of all these URI leaders our website will further become informative and affective as well.

I also congratulate the entire team who has worked very hard to make this website a reality, especially Mr. Asher Nazir Executive Secretary of URI Pakistan.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
May Peace Prevail in Pakistan!

Fr.James Channan OP
Regional Coordinator
URI Pakistan