International webinar conference in appreciation for the team behind the landmark Judgment of banning the smoking in public places by the High Court of Kerala on July 12, 1999. I was part of that International webinar on Landmark Judgment of banning smoking in public places in the present scenario. I participated as a speaker with these international personalities as Justice Narayanakurupu, Justice A Lakshmanan, Fr.Baby Shepherd, Prof.Monamma Kokkad, Ramakrishna, Dr.Abraham Karickam and Fr.Roby Kannanchira CMI.

I appreciated the struggle and working of these great people and congratulated the team behind the Landmark Judgment 1999 July 12 of banning the smoke in Public Place. All speakers shared the present scenario of smoking form India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. From different countries many people shared their video message in appreciation for the team behind the landmark judgment of banning smoking in public places. With it I shared that tobacco smoking in Pakistan is legal, but under certain circumstances is banned. If calculated on a per day basis, 177 million cigarettes per day were consumed in FY-14. According to the Pakistan Demographic Health Survey 46 % men and 5.7 % women smoke tobacco. The habit is mostly found in the youth of Pakistan and in farmers and is thought to be responsible for various health problems and death in the country.

If your product killed 8 million people each year, you’d also target a new generation
Smoking produces many health problems in smokers. Pakistan has the highest consumption of tobacco in South Asia. Lungs cancer in Pakistan is caused directly by tobacco in 90% of cases. It claims the lives of 100,000 people every year. According the study conducted by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) on national treasury versus public health 2018-19, it was learned that there are above 23.9 million tobacco users in the country, our to which 125000 are dying every year because of tobacco induced diseases and tobacco usage is still increasing day by day and mostly are children. The World Health Organization WHO promotes World No Tobacco Day 2020 highlights the health risk of using tobacco to put policies into action that help to reduce smoking and those other tobacco products. The theme of WHO World No Tobacco Day 2020 is Protecting Youth from Tobacco and Nicotine use. We stand with the theme of World Health Organization and we are working with our URI cooperation circles to create awareness among interfaith youth with a slogan of No Smoking for the sake of a safe Environment. When we use smoking we purchase diseases for us and for others. URI Pakistan is working for Climate Change and in the post Covid 19 period we need to protect our nature by keeping it clean and fresh Environment. Because by smoking we create an unhealthy Environment.

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Asher Nazir
Executive Secretary
URI Pakistan
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